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As per Dubai Health Authority (DHA ) circular SN 04/2019, all member records need to be validated through Dubai Health Care Post Office (DHPO) eClaims link before issuing the policy. DHA will validate member details with General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) Dubai records using Date of Birth, Nationality, Gender and Reference ID (Visa File number for expats, Passport number for diplomats and GCC Nationals, Emirates ID for UAE Nationals and Birth certificate for new born (born in UAE)). Upon successful validation, DHA will issue a unique member ID which will be printed on the insurance card and eCard, as applicable. Member records failed during DHA validation process will not be enrolled in the policy. For UAE Nationals the details should match Emirates ID. For GCC Nationals and Diplomats without visa, details should match passport. For Expats the details should match with visa. For new born (born in UAE) without passport, visa or Emirates ID, please upload birth certificate copy in place of visa on our portal.

We will have validations in our mySukoon portal which will not allow portal users to submit member additions unless member id is generated. In case of any queries kindly email us on